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The Mission

In the early morning hours of December 20, 1989, the United States Army spearheaded a carefully planned and well-executed attack that overwhelmed the Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF) of dictator Manuel Noriega. The goal was to restore the democratically elected government of Guillermo Endara and arrest Noriega on drug trafficking charges.

At the time, Operation Just Cause was the largest and most complex combat operation since the Vietnam War. Nearly 26,000 combat troops deployed, with just under half being from bases in the United States. Two dozen targets were attacked throughout the country, using a wide spectrum of tactical operations including Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT), Air-Assault, Airborne, and Special Forces.

Thorough planning was conducted with regard both to the operational aspects as well as to the political implications of forcibly removing Noriega from power. Through emphasis on realistic small-unit training, the U.S. Army successfully accomplished its mission; decisively neutralizing Noriega's forces, restoring the elected democratic government, protecting American lives, and minimizing Panamanian casualties.

*Credit: US Army 


We recognize and remember our lost lives in OJC. We also wish to meet their families at our first annual event. All Honor to each of our warriors.

Post 48 is organizing a tribute to the veterans involved in Operation Just Cause. The event will reunion veterans and serve as an annual event to educate our children and community about this operation. Contact our own OJC veteran, Arrington Atencio below to indicate your interest.


PO Box 1296

Warm Springs, OR 97761


(541) 777-1439

[email protected]




Warm Springs, Oregon 97761